Spring in Italy Part 2 {Travel Photos}

I am so behind with my blogging! I am going to try and catch up with the last few sessions.  This is the second slide show of my spring visit to Italy.  I am blessed to have visited Italy several times and I never tire of it.  The Vatican and Colosseum were crazy crowded! The Sistine Chapel was so packed – we were shoulder to shoulder.  I was not able to get all of the shots I visioned in my head.  But I did enjoy looking and experiencing it all again.  Especially inside St. Marks Cathedral!  My eyes were drawn up – to see how the light came in and how it shined on the beautiful things around me.  It is so lovely!  On our last day in Italy we visited Pompeii.  The weather was wonderful – for the first time on the trip – and the views were amazing.  We enjoyed our tour and learned so much.  Here is the link to the slide show – enjoy!  Rome and Pompeii

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